Skylights are a great way to increase the amount of sunlight in a room, and to deepen your home’s connection to nature. As the only design element able to capture sunlight via the roof, rather than the sides of your home, skylights empower you to lead a healthier lifestyle, and allow you to experience brighter days — literally.

When you partner with General Lumber for a skylight installation, you can choose from a variety of manufacturers, product types, and materials. We carry products from a number of premium manufacturers — including VELUX, Waco, and Supreme Skylight. Our staff is trained to install windows in accordance with each manufacturers’ recommendations.


The market leader in skylight and roof window manufacturing, VELUX was founded in 1941 by engineer Villum Kann-Rasmussen, who had a passion for daylight, fresh air and better living environments. Today, the company fosters a unique culture of innovation that helps spread daylight across the world and reimagine contemporary living. Available to builders, architects, merchants, and consumers, VELUX skylights and roof windows are complemented by a range of accessories — including blinds, solar panels, shades and more.


For more than 80 years, architects, contractors, and builders have relied on Waco’s innovative designs and time-tested quality to naturally brighten hospitals, schools, offices, hotels, and manufacturing facilities. Now, as part of the VELUX family of brands, Waco continues to create customizable daylighting systems that enable healthier living. Waco offers a full line of structural and unit skylights, continuous vault, and translucent wall systems, and each system is available in a wide range of colors, custom sizes, and glazing options.

Supreme Skylight

Established in 2006 by individuals with decades of skylight manufacturing and sales experience, Supreme Skylights Inc. is recognized as a premier skylight brand and is preferred by architects, custom home builders and roofing contractors throughout the Northeast. Located in Ronkonkoma, NY, they offer a full line of standard and custom-sized skylights to fit most applications. Plus, each product is built to last utilizing the highest quality materials.


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