Mouldings, millwork, and paneling are more than finishing touches. As the most consistent design elements of the home, they add depth to interior design, and create a cohesive feeling across various rooms. Additionally, mouldings, millwork, and paneling can add timeless charm to any structure. Whether you are updating a Victorian, renovating a cottage, or trying to infuse a sense of tradition into a new home, the right profile, matched with your choice of wood, will make all the difference.

When you partner with General Lumber for moulding, millwork and paneling, you can choose from a number of premium manufactures–including AZEX, BlueLinx, Fypon, Garden State. Our staff is trained to provide the best solution for your project.


AZEK Moulding boasts a diverse array of profiles crafted from high-performance materials, allowing for endless combinations to achieve a unique and personalized aesthetic. Its precise architectural details emulate the premium look of wood, yet AZEK Moulding surpasses wood in durability, eliminating the need for the constant maintenance associated with wood.

With the solid backing of AZEK’s commitment to top-tier quality and enduring performance, AZEK Moulding will maintain its pristine appearance despite the trials of time and weather. Offering superior stability and reliability during installation, AZEK Moulding distinguishes itself by resisting moisture and insect damage, steering clear of issues like warping, rot, or splitting common with traditional wood moulding.

While AZEK Moulding enhances the external beauty of your home, it also excels in high-moisture indoor spaces such as bathrooms and laundry rooms, effectively preventing the buildup of mold and mildew indoors.


BlueLinx is a leading wholesale distributor of building and industrial products. Headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, they provide a wide range of structural and specialty products to over 15,000 national, regional, and local dealers located in 40 states. They offer a wide selection of products — including over 50,000 branded and private-label SKUs — and work with exclusive brands like Engineered Lumber and Siding & Trim. At BlueLinx, delivering success is what our business is all about.


A pioneer in the building industry since 1969, Fypon manufactures thousands of decorative millwork elements in a variety of architectural styles — from old world to classic modern. Each piece is crafted from tough, weather-resistant materials, so they can enhance the interior and exterior of homes for years to come. Plus, all Fypon building products are easy to install with no special tools or extra labor necessary.

Garden State

As the Tri-State area’s premier distributor of quality mouldings, trim boards, sheet goods and architectural accents, Garden State Lumber supplies lumber yards and hardware stores with all their moulding, trimboard and sheet & panel product needs — from basic pine and finger joint mouldings to dramatic, hardwood architectural and flexible mouldings.

Manufacturers Reserve Supply

Manufacturers Reserve Supply’s signature brand Woolsey Mills PVC Moulding offers the aesthetics of wood with durable low maintenance characteristics of PVC.  

These foamed Rigid PVC Extrusions are the latest in synthetic technology. They have a harder surface and are stronger and more durable than other solid cellular profiles. PVC is ideal for trimming interior areas and is well suited for those spaces prone to higher humidity (bathroom, laundry room, powder room, etc.)

They can be sawed, sanded and painted just like traditional wood mouldings, but will not warp or chip. These technologically superior products will not yellow, and no caps are necessary to cover the ends.


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